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Maa: The karta of my house, my role model. Dear society, please don't judge me because I don't celebrate Karwa Chauth.

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The day I met the Pied Piper of music in my city. The first time I saw someone giving birth but I didn't know what it was. A girl flirts with me through messages but does not want to meet me. I don't want to have sex with my wife as I don't feel attracted to her. My girlfriend is engaged to someone else. My parents threatened to disown me if I married my boyfriend. I never have an orgasm while having sex with my husband. My parents don't allow me to talk to other boys because they want me to marry an IAS officer!

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Life Path Number 6

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Updated: Dec 17, , IST. Find your match according to your date of birth and the number you represent. Numerology is one of the ways where through numbers we can try and understand human behaviour. There is a simple way to calculate your. Knowing your psyche number can help you find your zodiac compatibility.

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Your Personal Year Number 8 Numerology Prediction 2019 by Md Dawood -- Numerology

Tamannah's black bralette and multi-hued coordinates are breaking the internet This bride's white sari is what dreams are made of! Ask these 5 questions to your ageing parents to keep them healthy and safe Healthiest grains for diabetic people Weight loss: How many carbs does coffee contain? They will receive honorary and top positions in the society. They will live like a king. They are cultured and full of virtue.

They are born to succeed. They are magnetic, charming and win everyone with their smile. No one can win against their arguments. As they receive the love and admiration of everyone, they succeed in their public lives as great businessmen, politician, and spiritual leaders. They have a medium height and are slightly on the heavier side. They have an alluring, round face with sharp, attractive eyes.

They have a fast way of talking and walking. The number 5s will shine well in the field of writing. They will have many pen friends.

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They are lucky in politics too. The number 5s can take up the paper, pulses, cereals, turmeric, pearl, betel leaves trading profitably. Accountancy, academics, statistics, postal department, public speaking, ceremony masters are quite a few jobs they excel at. They will do well in the fields of science, arts, astrology and mathematics. The number 5s become famous actors, actresses, artists and researchers. They will do better in self-employed positions than in government jobs. Only if their destiny number is favorable, then they can shine in government jobs.

The employers who employ the number 5s reap profits as this number is associated with wealth. The number 5s come up with new ideas for business and are appreciated by their bosses. They usually work for private firms. Their pay scale is the only thing that matters. Hence they take up part-time jobs, side businesses to multiply their income. They can take up any business as they are natural people magnets.

Wherever they are, people form a crowd around them. Energetic, enthusiastic and money-loving, they work great in commission jobs. They become famous brokers and commission agents. They also do well as travel agents.

But while they are in one business, their minds will race towards a new venture, seeking better pay and fame. Thus, they tend to jump from one business to another, without doing anything completely. They should avoid this jack-of-all-trades tendency and stay put in their business.

Numerology - numerology basics, life path numbers,

Instead of seeking new businesses they can find some innovative ideas to add verve to their existing business. They make good ambassadors. Astronomy and telecommunications are also good fields for them.