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Just make sure you are running towards your future and not away from your past. Ring now to face life head on. This is your time. Use this mask the heavens have gifted to you, to face who is making you edgy. By letting them know you are not afraid, they will soon back away.

Claire petulengro weekly

Ring now to hear which signs talking marriage. All Services: Over Calls recorded. Entertainment only. Free marketing messages may be sent. SP: Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk: info allstarpsychics. Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 What you think has been a step down the professional ladder, has actually been a step up. Call now for your in depth Daily Horoscope by Claire Petulengro. Call: Calls cost 25p per min plus your phone companies access charge. Taurus Apr 21 - May 21 Nothing really matters, except what you do now, in this exact moment of time.

Gemini May 22 - June 21 New challenges await you. Leo July 24 - Aug 23 The need and desire to explore new places is strong in your chart. Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23 The Sun brings out your need to reunite family to create a more secure inner circle. Similarly Hall rates the inconjunct as moderately favourable, contrary to the others including Ptolemy "if the luminaries be in trine or sextile to each other, the cohabitation will most usually be lasting; but if Similarly, as shown in the appendix to History on this website under Sun Signs, Russell Grant and Mystic Meg disagree completely on the compatibility of Gemini-Virgo 90, "sexual incompatibility" vs "sex style matches perfectly" , and similarly on Virgo-Aries , Virgo-Pisces , Libra-Libra 0 and Aquarius-Libra Astrologers can also disagree with themselves when their rating of X-Y differs from their rating of Y-X.

Nevertheless, the agreement among astrologers is still good enough to ensure that sun sign compatibility if it exists should be detectable in groups of married couples.

Compatibility is good for testing Tests of sun sign compatibility largely avoid the problems that plague the testing of individual signs, namely those due to demography depending on place and country some months have more births than others and astronomy due to the Earth's elliptical orbit some signs have more days than others.

For example demographic information is rarely detailed enough to allow the calculation of accurate expectancies. But in tests of sun sign compatibility the variations due to demography will generally apply to both partners and will therefore cancel out, while the variations due to astronomy are automatically covered in the calculations, so an accurate expectancy for any given sign combination is easily obtained.

Early research Marriage and divorce records are a good source of compatible and incompatible births. But studies of sun sign pairings in such records have generally produced only negative results.

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For example Daneel , found no significant deviations from chance for and German divorces, Silverman found the same for American divorces and marriages, although a second sample of marriages found a small but significant surplus of sextiles and trines equivalent to an effect size of 0. Studies involving other planets and precise aspects have generally been just as negative, for example Shanks found nothing significant for marriages. A recent Swiss study An apparent exception is a study of sun sign compatibility by Gunter Sachs The Astrology File , Orion who analysed birth data from the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics for couples who married or divorced between and It was the largest sample yet , married couples and , divorced couples.

Of the sign pairings, 25 were individually significant for marriage and 13 for divorce, so Sachs concluded that "star signs clearly are of particular importance when it comes to choosing a partner" page 70 although they "play a far less significant role in divorce than in marriage" page This conclusion was supported by a follow-up study in which each spouse was given a false birth date picked at random.

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The results were "statistically entirely unremarkable" page Furthermore, as noted by Suitbert Ertel in Sach's Astrology File on this website under Sun Signs, the sign preferences of husbands should tend to agree with the sign preferences of wives, but the mean rank correlation between preferences over the 66 unduplicated pairings AR-AR, AR-TA, Ertel's rankings used preferences based on Sach's published expectancies, which are rounded and occasionally lead to ties.

When Ertel's test is repeated with unrounded expectancies to avoid ties, the mean rank correlations are 0. The differences are small and do not affect the outcome. Ertel concluded there was "no hint of the correspondences we would expect if Sach's results were genuinely due to astrology". More obviously, as shown in the figure below, the deviations from expectancy do not match the predictions of astrology. Sachs's sun sign results for marriage and divorce show little similarity with the previous figure. Other than the apparent excess of conjunctions shown in red , which is probably due to recording bias see later , the ups and downs are all over the place.

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Claire Petulengro Gemini Daily Horoscope for 3rd Nov 2008

A more recent French study However, a more recent French study by Didier Castille Birth day effect on natality rhythms, Correlation From the Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies he had obtained the dates of birth for all married couples to whom live children were born between and The result was a total of nearly 17 million couples.

Spouses born just a few days apart could of course have different sun signs whereas this approach gives them the same sun sign, so the conversion is far from exact. Nevertheless it should be good enough to pick up any sun sign effect in such a huge sample. As shown in the figure below, the results show no clear conformity to what astrology predicts. Days between 16 million French couples' birthdays from Castille converted to approximate sun signs between spouses. Once again the ups and downs are all over the place.

The above results show a small consistent deficit of squares 90 but no consistent excess of sextiles 60 or trines The apparently large excess of same-sign couples shown in red appears large only because the scale is small; thus the corresponding effect size is a tiny 0.

Bem Vindo à Macrocabos

So this enormous sample offers no useful support whatever for sun sign effects. The excess of same-birthday and same-sign couples is highly significant, but according to Castille an explanation "is yet to be found" page Voas notes that although the quality of the data is very good, three factors can upset any study: 1 Variations due to chance. Some people may not know their birthday or the birthday of the person they are completing the form for.

Others may make mistakes, or write illegibly, or decline to respond, or lie. Some sign pairings may occur more frequently than expected if people seek these matches and avoid others. The Thomas theorem in sociology holds that if people perceive something as real, even if it isn't, it will have real consequences, as when the 17th century belief in witches led to many thousands of innocent people being burned at the stake. You relish new relationships as an exciting adventure to be explored.


Initially attracted by physical appearance and reputation you usually have to be in love with a person to become physically involved with them. Jumping straight into a physical relationship will usually cause regret. Dodgy Date: Taurus, Virgo and Pisces. Once in love though, you are not easily led astray.

When you commit yourself it is usually for keeps.

♊ Gemini May 2019 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Promiscuity can be a problem but it doesn't usually last for long as, being an earth sign, the home making instinct and the need to put down roots takes over. Dominant in lovemaking you show your feelings by actions not words. No one could ever accuse you of being shy or inhibited. You ooze sex appeal and without any effort can seduce the sign of your choice. You don't need to feel in love to get physical. The women of this sign can often leave a man feeling deflated with the coolness they exude.

Don't bother with affairs as you make lousy liars. Fair Date: Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

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CANCER As lovers you are responsive, generous and undemanding as long as your partner appears happy, but your need for emotional security can often lead to unhappy affairs. You are incredibly sensitive and, if involved with a stronger sign, can be easily made to feel hurt and inadequate. Passion and love go hand in hand and you hardly ever experience one without the other. With the right partner you are confident and self possessed. Dodgy Date: Gemini, Leo and Aquarius. LEO Sex and relationships are exciting to you.

You don't leave much to the imagination! Once hurt or upset though you can shut off completely and have been known to use sex as a weapon to get your own way. This leads to resentment and is often the reason a relationship can break down. Physically attractive to the opposite sex you are a little too aware of your natural appeal. Under the placid exterior lies a real sex bomb.