Sun sign taurus and taurus compatibility

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You are always ready to feel your lover gently and with actions. Both of you tend to have a fixed personality to each other as you both often find it very hard to communicate each other. Often, you both of you tend to grow suspicious of your partner being infidel due to your lack of communication.

Moreover, you will have a balanced compatibility relationship that is filled with emotion due to Moon being the ruler of your emotion. Taurus Taurus compatibility match is very intriguing as both of you are empowered with strong willpower and commitment.

Taurus and Taurus: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

In fact, you often enjoy each other from the wooing process to the last stage of your life. In addition to this, you both find it very hard to rush into a relationship especially when you are not aware of the outcome of such a relationship. Devotion and possessiveness are the two key things that often affect your relationship.

It is tough for both of you to upset each other as you are both turned off by infidelity. However, Taurus Taurus in love is dedicated to each other as you hate cheating or infidelity. Similarly, you both tend to build a powerful Taurus and Taurus bond that is based on a solid emotional foundation. It is very rare to see you fighting each other, but you tend to go haywire when your lover refuses to accept your wish.

Apart from this, you both are very romantic and realistic about their relationship. Taurus and Taurus dating is comforting and understanding although they are very charming and stubborn. This is because both of you cherishes straightforwardness and honesty. You both are always ready to put all their might and heart into a relationship without any fear. Taurus and Taurus lovers are reliable, understanding and truthful.

Taurus Compatibility

However, just like your partner, you tend to have a complicated issue with your lover if you have a history of disappointments. You are sincere when it comes to being honest. Both of you find it very hard to open up your mind to each other. Instead, you often choose to lock each other in the dark for them to sink into your true emotional world.

You tend to have an excellent relationship with each other if none of you have much knowledge of the other before the relationship. When we talk about communication, the two Taurus and Taurus partners tend to have a lot of interests in common, but you often stick to your guns. Most of the time, you rarely choose to succumb to the belief of other people while your own belief suffers. It is the case that you often stand your ground and prevent yourself from being throttled.

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The fight is not rare in this relationship when it comes to intellectualism and communication. Most of the time, you tend to engage in a fight in a bid to prevent you from changing your ground. This is also something that happens to your lover. Taurus and Taurus soulmates find it hard to understand each other, especially when making a change is involved. You are both stubborn and closed minded.

You tend to display this form of attitude whenever you are angry or hurt. This is something that your lover also does. For both of you to have an excellent relationship, you both need to understand each other. Both of you need to learn how to communicate your problems with your lover. Taurus and Taurus in bed are always ready to seize the opportunity for them to engage in sexual activities. Your engagement in sexual activities is just for you to know, experience and discover the pleasure of sex.

Both of you will find it very easy to get along when it comes to sex as you want sex that is very gentle and touchy.

Venus Approved

Both of you understand what drives you sexually and often try your best in driving each other crazy sexually. When it comes to sex. You are not always too lazy to discover new styles. Most of the time when you hit the bed, you could go for hours without stopping for a moment due to the understanding you have. Despite this understanding of yours, you often encounter a problem. The problem that is usually encountered by you is that you both tend to be a little bit stubborn.

One of you might not be willing to engage in sex while the other wishes. It would be a tough battle of whose will be a bow to the other. However, if you could communicate well and understand each other, you will overcome this problem.

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  • Taurus And Taurus Compatibility By Linda Goodman!
  • The planetary ruler of this same sun signs is Venus. It is the case that your relationship has a double portion of Venus energy which makes it very easy to fall in love at first sight. You are very romantic, loving and caring for the way you relate to people around you. In fact, you find it very hard to feel tired of physically contacting or touching yourself. The planet for your relationship shows that both of you will be hardworking.

    And you are ready to go all day to put bread on the table. A new idea or a change in the norm leaves room for error and the chance for disaster.

    Taurus Love Compatibility: Taurus Sign Compatibility Guide!

    When, in fact, the Taurus does change their minds about something, it meets all necessary qualifications of sensible practicality they have grown to be accustomed to. Their sweet and teddy bear like qualities are what is important here when things seem to have gone out of hands ans this is how they can always get back to each other. A double Taurus relationship has double the character traits. Together they are double the people who are dedicated, loyal and sincerely concerned with protecting their investments, their country, and family and loved ones from anyone willing to try to make waves.

    They are the unity that may be a touch on the obsessive side. On the down side of things, a double Taurus relationship that involves the reluctance of one when the other has offended in some way has a potentially damaging effect on such a unity. When the stubborn qualities are eased and the calming, desirable virtues of the partner can be easily turned around to be construed as stubborn and ill-headed, forgiveness is desired over insults and it is easier to strengthen the relationship what ever it is.

    Because both are so similar they work and play quite well together as long as everything remains docile and serene. Push one or the other too far and there the problems arise.

    Taurus Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

    All the relations go wonderfully when two understanding and calm Taurus are involved in it. As friends, siblings, colleagues and relatives they make the sweetest of the bonds with lots of love, care and help at every step of life. They understand each other and without any feelings of competition love to help one reach the heights of success. A commercial bond is no less then a boon for two Taurus together as they are equally hard working and money minded.

    They are bound to be successful once they know their goal. Romantic relationship is both fragrant and sensual with maximum smiles and a few tears but mostly great if they leave their stubbornness or find a middle way out of any argument. Parenthood and childhood are both beautifully carried out and cherished by Taurus as they are family people and stick mostly to their near ones.

    Though they are calm creatures but they are equally stubborn and blindly judgmental about things and people around them.